KisGeri 24

The only 24-hour rock climbing competition in Hungary


KisGeri 24 - 24 hours on the rock

KisGeri24 logó

It doesn’t matter what grade you send, this event is made for you. Whether you’re a climber or a slackliner, you won’t get bored here.
We organize the one and only 24 hours competition, which was made for elite climbers. Besides it, amateurs and intermediate climbers will have fun on the 12 or 6 hours long competitions. We want to see a big family in KisGeri on this weekend, where everybody feels good and climbes as much as they want. In the evening we share stories with each other at the campfire and after that the party starts!

Date of the race

28-30th June, 2024

Registration fee

6-hour: 14000 HUF / team
12-hour: 20000 HUF / team
24-hour: 24000 HUF / team

The registration fee covers the right to enter the competition, the topo map of the quarry, the dining on Saturday and on Sunday.


We remunerate the first 3 best teams

The 3 teams on the podium will be awarded with valuable prizes


The competitors get food supply proportional to their race type, the simple registration covers the entire dining on Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Progress of registration

  • KisGeri24-csapat

    Make a team!

    Get a friend for an epic climb.

  • KisGeri24-nevezés


    Decide which competition to enter, fill the registration form and pay the registration fee.

  • KisGeri24-mászás

    Prepare yourself for the challenge!

    Keep on, train hard to get awesome hardiness till the competition begins.

  • KisGeri24-verseny

    28-30th June, 2024.

    KisGeri 24

    Conquer the walls and highline slings of KisGeri!

  • KisGeri24 logó

    Climb the most routes
    in 24 hours
    to get the most points!

Organizing team

KisGeri24-Taigiszer Mónika

Móni Taigiszer

KisGeri24-Zichó Viktor

Viktor Zichó

Contact us, we are climbers as well

If you have any questions or you just want to speak with us, don't hesitate to contact us here