Submission deadline: 26 May 2023, 23:59


Read the rules below


If you came as a fan, register


The newest climbing gears offered for test can be taken for some time. We will require an ID or passport as a deposit. Please handle the gear with as much care as it was yours – others may would like to try them as well.

We would like to get back the test equipment in proper condition. The amortization of these stuffs is a natural process, but if the damage of any gear is crucial, please inform the organizers as soon as possible!


The submission fee of the 24 hour competitions includes the Friday dinner, Saturday full supply and the Sunday breakfast.

The 12-hour race participants are provided with Saturday full supply.

The 6-hour race participants are supplied with Saturday lunch and dinner.

If you aren’t competing, you will only be entitled to redeem your food if you register.

Friday bring your own food, prepare for a calm bacon barbecue next to the campfire. Saturday and Sunday you can buy your own meal. Saturday dinner we are supposed to cook you soe Hungarian warm dish, the rest of the meals are cold meals (bakery stuff and grease bread loaves).


From Budapest with car take M1 motorway > Zsámbék > Szomor > Tardos. Exit Tardos heading Süttő. After you reach Bikolpuszta, cross the bridge and turn right on the forestry road (signed with red spline on the map) > ride a few kilometres on the forestry road and reach the parking lot. Leave the car here – P point on the map.

Continue the trip on foot, following the blue line on white base sign. Follow the trail heading into the forest. After you reach a small house-sized boulder on the right, turn right. Cross the riverbed, follow the trail and ascend the hill. As you climb it, you will reach the easternmost part of the quarry, the Anonymus-wall (blue spline on the map).

The centre is around the Eső-wall

GPS 47.6895166 18.4932166